Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Animals of Chelmer

So I get these two phone calls, pretty early & about five minutes apart. First one's a software problem (typical, the room's full of other people's PC's & laptops getting some TLC) and the second is the dear little old lady across the street, who has yet another snake problem. And I realise that for 30+ years, I've been fixing exactly these two types of problem, sometimes for the same people or organisations, though never at the same time. I seem doomed to be half mongoose, half nerd. So I thought I'd put up some snaps of  a few beasties I've known, removed or nursed to health.

This was the latest. A little carpet python from her garden shed.

Kind of cute, so I set it to guard the avocado tree.
 Now you see that hole there? That's yer problem. And yer see how he's all folded up like a spring? Well that means he's about to . . .

Um, yeah. OK, you probably shouldn't do that.

Now this one is a little bigger, though still a harmless carpet.

And these photos turn out to take forever to upload, so I'll resize some, add a few non-carpets, and get back.