Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lazy Teachers

My dear one has been marking essays this morning since before I arose from swinish slumber. This is the third day, flat out, with shorter breaks than anyone, anywhere would get for food etc. Goes on into the night until I tempt her away with comfort food & a bottle of red and maybe a distracting movie. (WARNING: "Knowing" was a baaad choice. I curse all involved)

While I'm at it, I curse all who sneer at teachers, their holidays, their easy jobs and all such ignorant twaddle. Try a few months in front of 30 feral year 9s with litigious and brain-dead parents to back them up. Try eyeballing some cretin who's 15cm taller, built like a bus and telling him he really must give you those nun-chucks etc. Pah!


  1. Hi GB - welcome to the chattering hoards. Can definitely empathise - had two parents who fought the good fight on both primary and secondary battlefronts. Saw very little of the old man in the evenings until he threw the teaching in in the late 80s. The marking for English teachers is horrific.

  2. I can't believe I spelt 'hordes' like that after mentioning my old man was an English teacher. Must be knocking off time.

  3. As were my parents. Dad tertiary Biology, mum went from teaching primary to lecturing at the same Uni Dad did, we guessed so she'd actually see him.
    So yeah, um marking is an ugly ugly thing.
    High on my list of gig's I doubt I'd do.

    Your beard is concealed in a rather fetching tin can, so I'm deferring my judgement on it's violence.