Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apple is Bad. But . . .

OK, I don't like Apple. I used to, having cut my teeth on a ][e (how long since I typed that!) and admiring the young Jobs. But now their Evil Empire attitude & legions of zombie fanboys have put me right off. I don't want a fragile, sealed-in battery, sealed-in apps, iPod or iPhone even though I love the interface. So why am I just a little excited about Jan 27th? Why do I really want to see this tablet thingy? If that's what it is. Because I'm weak. And a geek. And there's still a little bit of hope that Jobs might slide a beautiful slate out of his envelope and announce that it's been tested for six months by carefully selected Violent Mountain Gorillas without being scratched or broken. And the battery comes out just here, where you put the SIM card in. And it will cost $399.95 in Australia. Tomorrow.

Or I could just go and get a quickpick in the Lotto. And a Guinness.


  1. Want to see it, probably just to confirm my suspicion that it's effectively an iPod Touch with a big screen, and doesn't actually have a point to it.

  2. Point? The Apple Tablet doesn't need a point. It exists - or will exist - and life as we know it will end and something new will begin.

    Okay, I don't believe it either. But is was fun expressing it.