Thursday, March 18, 2010

A small Burger Breakfast

Menus here:

Your booking has been confirmed with Lock n Load (Westend)

Booking Confirmation (27UU)

Lock n Load (Westend) 
Mr Greg Randolph 
Sunday 28 March 10 
9:00 AM 
0412 xxxxxx
If anyone else can come (and all Burgers and Insignificant Others are welcome), leave a message here and I'll try to increase the numbers. 


  1. Yum. Thanks for making the booking, Greybeard.

    If I don't get whisked off to Kansas in the coming cyclone - yes, and my little dog, too! - I look forward to meeting you all there.

  2. Girlclumsy said she's keen, not sure about the Wah, but maybe SpyNat. I'll try to confirm this weekend.

  3. (Sings, with the virtue of the tone deaf) 'Goody goody yum yum....'

    Marvelous. Many thanks GB.
    See you all then.

  4. The Bloke has just informed me that Brisbane are playing the Weagles on Saturday night. Thus, it may be hard to dislodge him from the comfort of his bower on Sunday am.
    In which case, I may be flying solo.

  5. I am happy to announce the successful outcome of Operation Bacon.

  6. Many thanks, GB, for your efforts at organizing and orchestrating Operation Bacon.

    I am planning Operation Pancakes for later in the evening to balance out the overall nutritional content of the day.

  7. Had a great time. Thanks guys. I promise I will get off my duff and work out how to transfer the piccies from my camera to this infernal contraption. Greybeard, lovely to meet you and your better half, as well as Morgana, and great to catch up again with Quokka and GC. Hope we get to do it again soon. (At Tassie Babes).

  8. Yes. Operation Bacon went well.

    I think I've infected Madame with the necessity for Operation Pancakes. Once Hell Month (i.e. April) is over, I'll be in need of maple syrup and stodge gluttony. Watch her site towards then, if you think you can be tempted by a visit to the Pancake Manor in Elizabeth Street.
    Just don't tell any of the Epicures at CBG....

  9. Mmm... fluffy, fluffy pancakes.

    In due course, Mayhem. Those infernal contraptions can be most recalcitrant.

    Regards to you Lady Wife, Greybeard, and thank her for the fabulous shoe tips.

  10. You do know there's a giant Faff Fest over at Madame's, I trust?


    Ahoy, Captain GB.
    Chaz is taking rollcall for dinner at Mirasoul and he was hoping you'd make it.