Sunday, October 3, 2010

Awww, the first snake of Springtime.

The birds were fussing out the front.

Turns out he didn't smoke

 It's like a painting, the eyes follow you everywhere.

Oh, and don't pick the orchids. 

A bit of video. Do you know how hard it is to wiggle your toes and hold the camera steady at the same time?

And a glamour shot of Goldie, just for Ms Cat. Sorry, no video. She likes bees, small birds and Jehovah's Witnesses.

 And just for Quokka . . .

The all new, improved Turkinator

The training continues . . .

By Sunday all will ready.

And for Quokka . . .


  1. What an original way to discourage visitors.
    Why didn't I think of this?

  2. I think I'm going to be sick! Ewwww! Not nice, Greybeard.

    Still, could be worse. It could have been a spider video... **shudder**

  3. So you don't want a video of "Goldie" Ms Cat? She's kind of cute, except for the hairy knees.



    I didn't believe you about the small birds, so I googled it.
    My apologies for doubting you, Brave Sir Greybeard.

    Where's Sir Robin?
    Oh, I see, protecting Mistress Catty.

  6. BTW, when we were at the Moggil Ferry yesterday, I was telling nephew how locals insist that they've seen dolphins up that stretch of the river. I can't remember which bit.

    If it was fine I'd hoped to take them swimming at College's Crossing (their mother said don't swim in rivers and watch out for Bull Sharks) so I took them to the river yesterday hoping they'd see something with fins or teeth.

    Know anyone who's seen dolphins up past you?

  7. As we were driving back from depositing the children at Jetstar last night, we switched on the radio and heard them announce that College's Crossing was closed this weekend for a scheduled release of water from the dam.

    I'm so glad the children weren't in the car to hear us giggling about that one.

    I'm ever so pleased we got lost, I can't imagine what the children would have thought if we'd arrived at the crossing to discover it was Submarine Crossing Access only.