Friday, July 3, 2009

Time for brunch?

What a great start to Saturday morning. Check clock - 10.04am. Check wife - snoring at acceptable level. Check weather - bright, clear and pleasantly cool, maybe walk over to Indro for brunch. Why bother blogging this? To give hope to any who may have spent the last 4 hours on child-wrangling, soccer/ballet/netball transport etc, etc. Eventually they either leave or, in the case of our dear son, turn into semi-mythical creatures. Some days we only know he's here because there are strange noises in the night and the tell-tale spoor of dirty socks under the coffee table. And the fridge raids.

Anyway, there is light ahead for all you poor parents. Sleeping in, staying up late, drinking too much, talking rubbish till 3am. It's all there waiting for you. Hang in.

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