Monday, August 17, 2009

Useless Employees?

My son and hairy decided to get a new car, largely because the Magna died rather suddenly and permanently. Being a life-long student with part-time jobs, he heads off to Credit Union Australia for a loan.
1. "Certainly sir, no problem there, you'll have your money in a few days".
2. "Sorry sir, as you're a student, you'll need a co-signer". (They knew he was a student, it was on the forms and in the original discussion, so. . .?) "No problem then."
3. "Sorry sir, it turns out we don't loan money to students. Ever. Even with well paid jobs. Even when the co-signer has a well paid job. Ever." (WIH couldn't one of these prawns have said that in the first 5 minutes instead of stuffing us about for over a week?)

Round 2, off to the Teachers Credit Union.
1. "Certainly sir, no problem with you being a student as long as you have a co-signer."
2. "Yes, the payslips etc are all in order, you'll have the cheque in no time."
3. "Sorry sir, we can't give you a loan at all. In fact we can't give your mother a loan if your name is on the application. At all. Ever."

Bear in mind he has excellent references, good work record, steady jobs, no bad credit history or criminal record. It's just because he's a student. Now if that is their policy, fine. They can exclude who they like I guess. But why couldn't any of these idiots just tell him that as soon as he walked in the door? Weeks of messing around, pointless collection & filling in of forms, waiting for approval which was always "no problem", "easy". Is it too much to ask that these people know their own companies policies?

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  1. Had the same experience with the TCU (NSW version) applying for loans as a PhD student. Even though the stipends are guaranteed income (tax free at that) for 3 yrs or more, they didn't want to know. As soon as I got a shabby job, they were throwing money at me.