Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Perils of Poor Planning

The highly organised (and esteemed) Quokka arranged breakfast this morning for some Burgers at the Pancake Manor. The food was fine and the company excellent, but due to an inexplicable error by the staff, everyone who ordered coffee was given instead some deeply unpleasant liquid which most of us found undrinkable. (Quokka ordered tea. Just saying.) Photos follow, except for Monster Yuppy who left early to catch up on his housework - something about dusting his credenza?

Janet, Quokka, Morgana
The New-Look Mayhem
The long-suffering Fifi & Greybeard
Empty plates, full coffees - says it all

The planning problem came later when we had a "where are you" call from the Degenerate Dining Club for lunch. We thought a hearty breakfast, a food-free rest and Xmas in July 70's themed dinner would be fine. But no, it was for High Noon and as usual the DDC had catered for 2.5x the number of actual diners. Of course we could have skipped a course or two, but they're all such damned good cooks. Rita had done a fantastic job, with tinsel, stockings, antlers, Santa caps, hideous rotating festive musical devices and an amusing dog. The star-shaped place-card-cum-chokkie-boxes were particularly, um, 70's. Peter clearly needed nourishment after last weeks heart surgery and did more than his share. Much more. Personally I don't believe they gave him a bionic stomach.

Between courses. Fi, Phil & Jenni

Bionic Peter, Jenni, Horrified Greg, Barbara, Phil, Antlered Fi

UNFINISHED (I'm away to bed without any supper, and possibly no breakfast)


  1. "Of course we could have skipped a course or two..

    no, no you couldn't.

  2. Monster told me he was going to Ikea.
    I warned him not to follow any pregnant women up the aisles and he gave me the 'Que? Non comprendez you deranged marsupial' look.

    I'm still in shock that none of you knew that every woman who is 9.5 months pregnant goes there to waddle up and down the aisles until her waters break and she can then waddle off to hospital, there to add to the expanding population of Woodridge and Logan.

    I can't understand how people so well prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse could be so ignorant of the perils of their primary birthing centre.

    Fools. Just as well you have me to edjamacate you.

  3. Ha, my gmail is working again.
    Those magic little IT fairies at google must have gone in and dispatched my goblins as per my request.

  4. Of course it's working now, Quokka. G comes after F. And I can imagine you were using the letter F quite a lot for a while there.

    Meanwhile, nice pancake pics, hope there was enough syrup, and yes I am painfully jealous. It took an entire blueberry cheesecake to cheer myself up. Poor me.