Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Killer Turkey

Let me introduce Colin. He attacks almost anything I move in my (his) back yard. The best part is when I walk down to the back gate past his mound and he kicks leaves all over me. He also pecks the wheels on the mower, drags the hose around and even goes for palm fronds, as seen above. Can anyone send me a photo of NowhereBob?


  1. Hah,
    Your puny Killer Turkey is no match for my Labrador of immobility.

  2. Colin is also no match for my savage killer attack bunny. Talk about vicious! I'd introduce the horrid thing to the inside of my crockpot (and then the inside of my stomach), but the family won't hear of it. They say she reminds them of me. I refuse to take that as anything other than a compliment.

  3. How do you know Nowhere Bob didn't show him your picture

  4. Damn. I never thought of that. Cunning B that NBob, planting a sleeper in my own back yard. Though I will say he keeps it well raked.